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VTVCab & Jungo TV Announce Strategic Distribution Partnership

Agreement will increase international content offering in 

Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy

Los Angeles, California (...) –  Leading Vietnamese cable company VTVCab announced a strategic distribution partnership with US-based global streaming media company Jungo TV. 


This strategic partnership will create a global expansion of VTVCab and Jungo TV's distribution footprint. VTVCab will receive Jungo’s exclusive library of localized movies and TV series from around the world to air domestically on their channels in Vietnam. Internationally, Jungo will distribute VTVCab widely popular networks in North America, namely drama channel Phim Viet, sports channel On Sports, and entertainment channel On Biz. Jungo will also distribute and monetize the On Trending brand, known for its widely popular dramatic shorts, across digital OTT and social media platforms.


Director of OnTrending Center of VTVCab Nghi Nguyen said, “As a top content producer and distributor in Vietnam, VTVcab is proud to announce this strategic partnership with Jungo – a leader in international content producing and distributing based in the US. This collaboration will not only provide a diverse range of international high-quality content to the Vietnamese audience, but it will also lay the groundwork for Vietnamese content to enter the international market. This strategic partnership is and will be a significant milestone in demonstrating that Vietnam's content production capacity can now confidently reach the global market..


With a massive population of 103 million people, Vietnamese entertainment is ripe for global export. What Netflix did in recent years for Korean action and thrillers, Jungo aims to do with Vietnamese movies and series, furthering the company’s goal to be a gateway to Southeast Asian entertainment.


Jungo TV CEO George Chung said, “We are honored to begin a long-term partnership with VTVCab, and we are confident that Jungo is the best partner to bring one of SouthEast Asia top networks across the world. We are proud to be one of the fastest growing localization operations in the world, producing an annual output of over 1,000 localized titles across five languages. This is a major step to bring international content to Vietnam, and to bring Vietnamese entertainment to the world.” 


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About VTVCab


Since 1995, Vietnam Cable Television (VTVcab) has operated as a Cable TV Technical Center under Vietnam Television, providing pay TV channels to all Vietnamese households. VTVcab, with the slogan "Mounting Family," has 2.5 million household subscribers and 7.5 million household subscribers of affiliate television stations and networks across Vietnam’s territory. VTVcab provides and distributes premium content, primarily sports and entertainment, across all platforms, including paid television, OTT apps, and social media. Hoang Ngoc Huan is the Chairman of VTVcab. Bui Huy Nam (General Director), Nguyen Thi Hoang Phuong (Vice General Director), Nguyen Van Ninh (Vice General Director), and Nguyen Tuan Anh (Chief of Staff) are key stakeholders. 


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About Jungo TV, LLC

Jungo is an international streaming media company based in the United States. As a market leader in international language verticals, the company’s offerings include 50+ streaming and on-demand channels featuring thousands of hours of movies, sports, music, television and esports across mobile, web, and connected devices. Co-founders are Nasser Kazeminy (Chairman), Sandy Climan, and George Chung (CEO). Key stakeholders include Robert Priddy, William Pope, Ahmet Calik, and John Sculley.



Media Contact - Jungo TV

Brandon Kneefel – PR & Communications Manager


Media Contact for Jungo TV

Brandon Kneefel – PR & Communications Manager

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