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Jungo Plus Now Available on MetaX OTT Platform


Los Angeles, California (February 24, 2022) – Streaming media company JungoTV partners with MetaX OTT Platform to feature a Jungo Plus section on their app, offering Jungo Plus’ VOD content to millions across the United States. Jungo Plus is a direct-to-consumer streaming video app delivering free, ad-supported TV  (FAST) and video-on-demand content.


Jungo Plus currently boasts a massive library of movies and series in nine languages including English, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and more, along with content in popular categories like esports, music, LGBTQ+, K-pop, reality shows, combat sports, martial arts, dramas & telenovelas.


MetaX OTT platform features a tab specifically for Jungo Plus on the navigation bar. Audiences can watch Jungo Plus’ top movies and series including action, horror, telenovelas, family-friendly films, and dramas straight from MetaX OTT Platform on Open Browser and MetaX Play.


George Chung, JungoTV CEO said “we are thrilled to bring Jungo’s content to MetaX. They are known for selecting premium-quality content and partnerships and are honored that Jungo Plus is joining the ranks and was given a dedicated corner on their platform.”


Aside from the content that Jungo Plus provides, MetaX OTT Platform has a massive selection of top movies, series, animation, news and entertainment content for FAST and on-demand worldwide, teaming up with global content providers such as WeTV, Gusto TV, YesAuto, Firework, and Fishing TV to deliver an immersive and unparalleled viewing experience to its global users.


Arella Hua, Head of OTT operation business at MetaX Software, commented, “Our partnership with Jungo TV provides heated programs to viewers in the Americas, and expands our free on-demand business in a highly competitive market. With the collaboration, we are aimed to explore more possibilities to quickly boast an impressive catalogue and present the OTT service with high-performance results in 2022."



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About JungoTV, LLC


JungoTV is an international streaming media company, delivering ad-supported television and video-on-demand content. The company owns and operates 30 FAST and on-demand channels, covering a wide range of content verticals, including sports, music, and international entertainment. Since its founding in 2016, JungoTV has increased its carriage footprint to 1.2 billion registered devices with over 1 billion monthly views across its networks in North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South Asia. Key stakeholders are Chairman Nasser Kazeminy, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Sandy Climan, Ahmet Calik, William Pope, Robert Priddy, John Sculley, and CEO George Chung.


About MetaX Software


MetaX Software is a data-driven OTT commercialization company. MetaX Software has connected over 20 TV brands and channels which cover about 25 million OTT devices and 80 million large-screen users. It maintains fast and strong growth across  America, Europe and Southeast Asia, etc. Leveraging its unique strength on TV screens, MetaX Software is dedicated to helping content providers and application developers broaden distribution channels and commercialization across the world.



Media Contact for JungoTV

Brandon Kneefel – PR & Communications Manager



Media Contact for MetaX Software

Amy Sun – Marketing Planner


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