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Black Belt Magazine Launches the Biggest Digital Martial Arts Platform in History 

Los Angeles, CA (January 27, 2023) - Black Belt Magazine has launched the most comprehensive martial arts digital platform in history–Black Belt+. From the magazine’s rich history spanning over 60 years, the platform includes thousands of remastered instructional videos, martial arts movies, documentaries, and, of course, digital issues and articles of the iconic Black Belt Magazine. 


Jungo TV, a US-based media company, spearheads the technical and programming aspects of Black Belt+, building off their long-term partnership with Black Belt Magazine. 


The new app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets.


Jungo TV CEO George Chung said, “Black Belt Magazine is integral in the global martial arts community, which is why we at Jungo TV were proud to be the technical and programming partner in helping build and launch the biggest, most comprehensive martial arts app to date.”


Leaving no stone unturned, the app will showcase videos from nearly every martial art style featured in the magazine including African, Brazilian, Burmese, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Hawaiian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, as well as American Karate and MMA. 

Hundreds of exclusive step-by-step training videos, docuseries from the biggest martial arts legends of the past, present and future.


"Black Belt Magazine needed something for its readers that celebrated the history and legends that made the name 'Black Belt' what it is, but also offered subscribers new content that is relevant to their training today,” said Black Belt Magazine President Michael Dillard. “The Black Belt+ app is the perfect solution and will be the foundation moving forward,” he added. 


The app also includes every single digital issue of Black Belt Magazine, from the 1960s to present. 


When users want to take a break from training, they can choose from hundreds of martial arts movies and documentaries from icons like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock, Jean Claude Van Damme, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hong, Michael Jai White, Benny Urquidez, Carlos Machado, Royce Gracie, Bill Wallace and more.


Download and subscribe to Black Belt+ now. 


Or find Black Belt+ on the App Store or Google Play.



About Black Belt Magazine 

Published continuously since 1961, Black Belt is the oldest, largest and most-recognized martial arts magazine in North America. The unchallenged leader in martial arts journalism, it offers broad coverage of all aspects of the traditional fighting disciplines that were developed in Asia, as well as the modern eclectic systems that were devised in the West. Black Belt’s articles span the entire spectrum of the martial arts: interviews with prominent practitioners, how-to pieces on proven self-defense methods and flashy new techniques, reports on major events, stories about actors and movies, and discourses on the histories, philosophies and strategies of all combat styles.



About Jungo TV, LLC

Jungo is an international streaming media company based in the United States. As a market leader in international language verticals, the company’s offerings include 50+ streaming and on-demand channels featuring thousands of hours of movies, sports, music, television and esports across mobile, web, and connected devices. Co-founders are Nasser Kazeminy (Chairman), Sandy Climan, and George Chung (CEO). Key stakeholders include Robert Priddy, William Pope, Ahmet Calik, and John Sculley.



Media Contact for Jungo TV

Brandon Kneefel – PR & Communications Manager

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